U shape steel manufacturers processing

U-shaped steel manufacturers support in the construction process what is the use of U-shaped steel factory straight wall semi-circular arch bracket lifting shed in the mining roadway intersection and the application has achieved remarkable results. The U-shaped steel shrinkable bracket is used to solve the problem of tunneling support. The U-shaped steel manufacturer bracket has shrinkage, stable and reliable bearing capacity compared with other rigid brackets, adapts to the load and deformation of the soft surrounding rock, has high section utilization, convenient support of the bracket, small maintenance, and high recovery rate of the bracket. Hang wood use.

The U-shaped steel manufacturer bracket is safe and reliable, effectively reducing the occurrence of accidents such as roofing and sheet metal, and improving the stability of the mine ventilation system. The company specializes in producing U25/U29/U36 steel brackets, channel steel brackets, miners steel brackets and I-beams. support. Welcome to map processing, custom-made, but also the company's technical staff to field measurements, drawing, and provide reference for your reference! Main use of U-shaped steel manufacturer bracket: mainly used in mine roadway, secondary support of mine roadway, and support support of mountain tunnel.