C-shaped steel PK square steel.

C-shaped steel PK square steel.

C-beams are often used to compare with other steel products, mainly for the convenience of users. Today is also the case, the other side is C-shaped steel, and the other is square steel. What are the results of the comparison?


We have not said much about the performance of C-shaped steel. This has been mentioned many times in the previous introduction. Due to the particularity of material properties, C-shaped steel is used in the construction industry. This is also because the quality of C-shaped steel is relatively good, fully in line with the special requirements of the construction industry, that is to say, in general, C-shaped steel is more useful than square steel.



In terms of the production process, the two types of steel products are basically the same, but some C-shaped steels have ribs, so it will be more solid than the square steel. Compared with the price, C-steel is cheaper, which is why there are more people to choose.


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